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What clients say.

  • "We have worked with Niclas for more than a year now and he has always had a talent for bringing out the best of our cocktails in his pictures. The fact that he comes from a background in the service industry gives him an unusual understanding of how to work with us as a cocktailbar. Niclas have both been in charge of making content for our Social Media channels and recently on a Cocktail Book we will be realising during second quarter of 2018. In relation to both Niclas has shown utmost professionalism and helped us develop both business and brand.“

    – Jeppe Nothlev, Bar Manager & Book Author
  • "Niclas has an incredibly artistic eye. The photographs of my work are of the utmost quality and he is extremely professional when set a task and dealing with my requests. He also did a commendable job of designing my website, which further displays his understanding of spatial aesthetics. Thank you for the great work.“

    – Billy Ward, Artist
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